Year 2020 - What a ride! - Slovenia Wedding Photographer
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Year 2020 – What a ride!

Year 2020. A year to remember, a year for optimism and self care. A wake up call and a reminder. I realised I can never be ready enough for whatever comes next, but I will always find a way through. 

Being an extremely outgoing, extrovert, who spent 2-5 months traveling in the recent years, now limited to staying inside our country’s borders. It took one hell of a self-motivation to cancel all my plans. At the top of it, two of my favourite people calmly fell asleep forever, my grandma and my grandpa. 

Grandma, the best cook and the warmest person ever, and grandpa, the most knowledgeable and modest person. They inspired me to see the beauty of our mountains, always encouraged me in photography and my other projects and supported me in everything I am. They will be missed, but they are somewhere together, again. 

There is one and only, who would always cheer me up whenever I was having a rough time – my aussie dog Iža. I’m forever grateful for her, but this year, she was my best therapist and a motivator. I know it probably seems a bit crazy, especially for you who don’t have dogs, but I suggest you get yourself one, those fluffy creatures can do miracles! 😉

Not being able to do the long trips, gave me more time exploring the surrounding areas that I was saving for the times like these. I did a few trips to the neighbouring countries, but I especially loved the Dolomites with unlimited photo opportunities. True dreamland for a photographer. 

I would say this year definitely made me stronger, more self confident and driven. It proved me what a privilege I have to enjoy my job so much. To fight through the times like these seemed like walking the unknown with a sleep mask over my face. Not seeing what comes next. But, I have learned to use the other senses to reach my goals. 

And in this moment as I write this blog post, I’m looking outside the window of my lovely place in Bohinj and admiring the freshly fallen snow, unlimited whiteness in the sky and knowing that after a year like this, I still believe in magic and I will work hard to stay on my path.

I wish you all that 2021 will bring laughter, happiness, and yet you never be too old to believe in magic! 

Here’s a few photo moments from the year 2020.

Thanks to the Flip CampingBox to make my summer travelings easier and more comfortable!