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Short recall of 2016 and sailing on to 2017!

»I can’t change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination.«

Windy year has changed me on so many levels. The calm sea I was sailing suprised me with a few storms, but also offered the most colourful rainbows afterwards. Stormy winds had blown me different ways, they were changing my coordinates constantly, but I managed to strongly follow my goals and at the same time letting the wind do its best.

Colours of 2016 brought me back to Mongolia, where I’ve learned the simplicity of life, what it means to have »nothing«, but to feel everything and not to wait still for something more to happen. We spend too much time waiting, instead of going for it.

How the cycle of life gives you an opportunity every morning and it’s up to you – will you grab it or will you wait a little bit more for a »better one«? It’s similar to how the nature gives you the most beautiful views all of the time, but we always wait for a better one?

Thanks to everyone for being part of my year. I’ve achieved quite a few things :
– Opened my business
– Being part of National Geographic photo exhibition
– My work featured at The Guardian & PetaPixel
– Reached my goals in wedding photography (have a look at my best of wedding photography work)

– My first destination wedding out of Europe (Israel)
– New office in the lovely ambient of medieval (home)town Škofja Loka
– Started with a documentary of the Tsaatan tribe
– Climbed Mt. Triglav for the first time 😉

Thanks to the rainbow of my friends. You’re are so diverse, so colourful, but every colour paints my life differently.

In 2017 I’ll stay focused on the projects I feel the most connected to. Joining my passion, to work and travel at the same time, learning from the cultures and people I meet on the way. At the end this is what keeps me going. To do more of a storytelling and to sail on!








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