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What is an inspiration? To be aware and to be passionate.

I grew up with hard working parents, my mom is a hairdresser, and my dad is a real estate agent. Mom passed on the sense of creating art, and my dad taught me that working hard and fair play always pays off.

The curious mind of mine never left me bored. In my early 20s I’ve got to the conclusion that 3 months of traveling per year makes the best medicine to keep myself passionate about life. I have traveled to many places, and every single one somehow improved my mindset. And every time I feel I’m stuck in the moment, I travel somewhere to rewake my creativity.

Photography has always been a way to express myself – even wedding photography is the way to express my view on what love is. Besides wedding photography I found my passion in boudoir, landscapes and sport. Some artists use words, some use their voice, but for me, photography has always been a media to share on my opinion on things and the way to express my idea of this world.

And there’s something else I can’t stop loving about photography … When I think I have already seen the most beautiful sight, it surprises me again. Such an important everyday element. The light. It is everything. But not the light itself, but the shadows it makes. Some people see numbers, some people see letters and I see the contrasts and colours.


2016 | Part of the exhibition | Slovenia, Ljubljana | National Geographic Exhibiton

2015 | Solo exhibition | Slovenia, Bled (Triglav National Park) | Daytime worker, nighttime friend (Portaits – Irish farmers and their sheep dogs)

2015 | Solo exhibition | Slovenia, Bohinj | Mountain Pastures of Bohinj (Landscape photos – Mountain pastures of Bohinj, alone in the midst of a winter sleep)

2014 | Solo exhibition | Slovenia, Gorenja vas | Milk and its products (Portraits – Portraits of people involved in production of milk products in traditional slovenian cheese makery)


Send me an inquiry at hello@katjajemec.si