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 Things that limit me, are making me free. Waking up in the middle of the night is inhumane, walking in the dark is meaningless, carrying around heavy backpacks is exhausting, returning to the same destination again and again is boring, waiting for the right moment, no matter the temperature, is uninteresting. But all these negative conclusions change into positive once we find passion. Passion, feelings, love, glowing. Then waking up in the middle of the night becomes reasonable, walking in the dark becomes calming, carrying around heavy backpacks a good exercise, returning to the same destination again and again learnable and waiting for the right moment, no matter the temperature, full of positive suprises and enthusiasm. And then the Sun wakes up. It lights up landscape around me. When I think I have already seen the most beautiful sight, it suprises me again. Such an imporant everyday element. The light. It is my passion, it makes me feel free. And freedom inspires my photostories.


2016 | Part of the exhibition | Slovenia, Ljubljana | National Geographic Exhibiton

2015 | Solo exhibition | Slovenia, Bled (Triglav National Park) | Daytime worker, nighttime friend (Portaits – Irish farmers and their sheep dogs)

2015 | Solo exhibition | Slovenia, Bohinj | Mountain Pastures of Bohinj (Landscape photos – Mountain pastures of Bohinj, alone in the midst of a winter sleep)

2014 | Solo exhibition | Slovenia, Gorenja vas | Milk and its products (Portraits – Portraits of people involved in production of milk products in traditional slovenian cheese makery)


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I am here to answer all of your questions. If you don't receive the answer within 24 hours, please get in touch with me over the phone or directly through email. Sometimes the projects just keep me busy 24/7. Thanks / Na voljo sem vam za kakršnakoli vprašanja. Če ne dobite odgovora v roku 24 ur, me prosim pokličite ali pošljite direkten email. Hvala! / +386 (0) 51 458 596